Our icons are an important part of our designs that enables us to persuade and interact with our users easily. Moreover, these icons help you navigate smoothly. So, to make icons legible and interactive we design them to be scaled in multiples of 3 points or pixels.

Grid system

All icons are constructed using a square grid, which serves as the basis for determining the line thickness, proportion, shape, and positioning of each icon. The grid aids in directing design choices, promoting a coherent strategy. More significantly, it gives you the freedom to choose the ideal shape to convey the ideal message.


More than 32x32 pixel square, which is 1 pixel for UI, line weight should be scaled in multiples of 3. Note: Please follow the scaling principles mentioned in this section.

  • Small scale: UI/NAV (1 px/pt line weight)
  • Medium scale: Marketing (3 px/pt line weight)
  • Large scale: In-store way-finding (15 px/pt line weight)
  • X-large scale: In-store way-finding (30 px/pt line weight)
Iconography examples
last update on 20 December, 2022