Our Brand

Our brand highlights our identity as the leading player in the travel and tourism industry. Therefore, our goal is to eliminate ambiguity & provide clear direction to internal and external members about the valuable branded assets.

Remember, it’s a single yet indispensable asset, which encourages and empowers our brand and marketing guidelines to meet the latest trends.


We intend to design, craft and create a unified brand experience that enables customers, associates, & communities to connect with our captivating and accessible design dialect.

Design Goal

The key focus area of EaseMyTrip is to leave an everlasting impact on our target audience by eradicating challenging modality compounds, exploring creative design solutions and refining standardized elements of our firm.

Personality Traits

Services, value & quality, fresh experiences, innovation, reputation, & wellness.

Our Design Philosophy
  • Executing visions to meet Upcoming Demands
  • Maintain optimal consistency
  • Establish Unparalleled brand awareness
  • Inspire & inform our valued customers
  • Communicate with users seamlessly
last update on 20 December, 2022